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Get on board the ship of the future

Ever wondered what's inside an Antarctic icebreaker? Now you can find out in our new multimedia feature 'Ship of the Future' - part of our Explore Antarctica series.

Explore the decks of the world's most advanced polar research vessel, RSV Nuyina, and learn more about life onboard, what's under the 'hood' and the globally important science the ship enables.

Compelling images, videos and animations carry you from the crow's nest to the bridge, mess, science deck and engine room.

Learn from the Captain what it's like to 'drive' RSV Nuyina, and hear from scientists, crew and engineers involved in the ship's design and operation.

See the unique 'wet well' in action catching Antarctic krill, find out why the ship is a "scientific Disneyland", check out the fleet of small boats that assist science and passenger transport, and discover the range of environmental standards that help RSV Nuyina sail lightly on the Southern Ocean.

Welcome aboard our ship of the future!

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