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Nuyina ready for sea trials

New Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina will shortly be ready for sea trials, with progress on the internal fit-out and systems testing of the ship almost complete, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ship was moved in August from Damen’s Romanian shipyard to its current location in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, to enable equipment manufacturers to check and test the installation of its complex systems (see previous story).

The ship will be ready for sea trials in a few weeks, followed by sea ice trials in the Arctic in late January.

Nuyina is expected to arrive in Hobart mid-2021. For this season, the Australian Antarctic Division has chartered MPV Everest to undertake station resupply and expeditioner transport. Everest will be quarantined in Hobart when it arrives in December, and is scheduled to undertake three voyages south (see Coronavirus ‘Curveball’ for more season information).

Check out the latest photos below.

Read more about the RSV Nuyina.

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