A message in a bottle has been discovered on the shore of Macquarie Island but much mystery remains over the Polish author.

Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service ranger Stella discovered the green bottle with its cork intact, quickly realising it was no ordinary debris.

After carefully extracting the paper with forceps, it was unrolled to reveal…a blank page.

But with perseverance, the expeditioners discovered shading over the page with pencil slowly revealed the following partial message.

Hi, my name is ?. I am from Poland (Europe). I am during a trip to Bouvet Island. Today is April 6th 2015. If you find this message, send email. My email address is ‘JUDBAS@…PL'.

The internet confirms that a polar cruise ship had travelled to Bouvet Island, a Norwegian volcanic island in the Southern Ocean, south west of Cape Town, during April 2015.

But as to who wrote the message in a bottle and dropped it in the ocean — the mystery remains.