Australia’s new Antarctic leadership team are prepped and ready for their deployment to the icy continent, ahead of the first flight and voyage this coming week.

The four Station Leaders, going to Casey, Davis and Mawson and sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island, come to the role from a diverse career history.

The Station Leader job varies from 6 to 18 months in duration, over the busy summer period or a quieter winter time.

Alison Dean, at Casey station, is an experienced Station Leader having worked in the Antarctic for more than 20 years and wintered 9 times.

David Knoff, who will lead the team at Davis station, has a background in the Australian Army and has worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Australian Embassies.

Matt Williams is taking over the leadership role at Mawson station. He’s worked for the Australian Government in health and aging and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Finn Taylor, will spend a year on Macquarie Island as Station Leader, coming from an background in environmental work and park management.

All the Station Leaders will head south over the next few months.