The Australian Antarctic Data Centre (AADC) is the part of the Australian Antarctic Division responsible for storing, managing and providing access to data resulting from the Australian Antarctic program’s activities in the Antarctic and subantarctic.

This includes a vast amount of data on the Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) region, which ranges from maps and records of scientific publications to metadata (data about data!).

Much of this data is freely available to the public via the AADC website.

By clicking on the links below you can search the AADC's databases for data relating to the HIMI region.


Place names in the Heard Island region, with descriptive information about their location and origin.

Map catalogue

Search for maps from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) map catalogue.

GIS downloads

Heard Island and McDonald Islands spatial data for use in a geographical information system (GIS) and the Heard Island bathymetry and boundaries spatial data.

State of environment indicators

Environmental indicators used to monitor and report on the state of the environment in the Heard Island region, as part of the Australian Antarctic Division's System for Indicator Management and Reporting (SIMR).

Antarctic program publications

Use the Australian Antarctic Program publications database to search for publications and published articles relating to the Heard Island region.

AAS projects

Public summaries of all current and previous Australian Antarctic Science (AAS) projects in the Heard Island region.

Antarctic artefacts

Details of artefacts recorded at Heard Island.