Robert Rowland (Bob) has made an outstanding contribution to Australia’s Antarctic Program. As a plumber and long-time expeditioner, Bob Rowland has ensured the effective operation of research station communities.

Bob Rowland has spent 11 summer seasons in Antarctica. Over this time, he has developed considerable experience and skill. He has been instrumental in re-building and maintaining Australia’s Antarctic research stations. His extensive knowledge of waste management, water reticulation, heating, ventilation and building systems has been invaluable.

Bob Rowland’s commitment to fostering station community has set him apart. He is a highly respected mentor. He goes out of his way to look out for less experienced expeditioners and ensure that they are supported. Bob has ensured the sustainability of station engineering programs through knowledge sharing and mentoring. In a closed and often isolated environment, this commitment to the wellbeing of personnel on station is critical.

On both a personal and professional level, Robert Rowland has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Antarctic Program.