Captain Scott Laughlin has been a valuable contributor to the Australian Antarctic program for the past two decades as a crew member and Master of the Aurora Australis. He is renowned for his deep appreciation of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean and his affinity with seamanship in such a harsh and hostile environment.

Captain Laughlin rendered exemplary service as ship’s master in ensuring that operations were conducted safely and with due regard to the sensitive Antarctic environment. He consistently demonstrated a desire to work closely with the Australian Antarctic Division to refine and improve policy, procedures and process as they relate to the conduct of maritime operations in support of the Australian Antarctic program.

Captain Laughlin always had a clear focus on safety and is commended on his attention to detail in this regard. He worked extremely closely with the AAD’s voyage management teams to ensure that all operations conducted on and to and from the ship were conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Captain Laughlin contributed significantly to the refinement and continual improvement of the process and procedures used to support the refuelling evolutions at each of Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations. Captain Laughlin also provided critical advice to the AAD when it was faced with having to refuel Mawson station by helicopter due to troubling ice conditions. His insights and experiences with sea ice conditions and the capabilities of the Aurora Australis were a key foundation to the development of innovative solutions to this potentially damaging situation.