Ensuring environmentally responsible Antarctic operations

To ensure Australia’s activities in Antarctica are environmentally responsible, the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has developed an internationally certified (ISO 14001) Environmental Management System (EMS). In the 2004–05 Antarctic season the effectiveness of this system will be audited at Davis and Mawson stations by Phil Crosby of NCSI (NATA Certification Services International). Mr Crosby will be assisted by AAD operation’s safety and environment advisor Shaun Walsh and EMS coordinator Leslie Frost.

The audit aims to review the operation of EMS in Antarctica and identify ways to improve the system. The team will meet with the station leaders at Davis and Mawson to review environmental management procedures, incident reporting, emergency preparedness and policies; codes and requirements for waste management, energy use and physical disturbance; hazardous materials management; and field activities.

Prior to departure, Mr Crosby will participate in expeditioner training and observe cargo operations at Macquarie Wharf. During the voyage he will observe shipping and transport operations; and at Davis, cargo handling, resupply and refuelling operations. His observations will help improve activities that are already performed conscientiously and to a high standard.

Leslie Frost
Environmental Management System Coordinator,
Australian Antarctic Division