Hägglunds tracked vehicles

Hägglunds in Antarctica
Expeditioner driving a hagglund, photo taken from inside the haggBlue and yellow Hägglunds tracked vehicles on the iceMawson Station Expeditioner undertaking driving training in the new Green HagglundA green Hägglunds travelling through some terrain

Hägglunds are Swedish dual-cab, medium class, over-snow vehicles which can carry four passengers in the front cab. They have a towing capacity of 2 tonnes on suitable sleds, and they operate over most snow and ice terrain including sea ice and soft snow.

A minimum thickness of 50cm of hard ice is required before a Hägglunds can be driven across sea ice. The operational range of a Hägglunds is approximately 250km, dependent on speed, load and the type of terrain encountered.

Hägglunds are powered by Mercedes or Cummins turbo diesel engines driving four rubber tracks through an automatic transmission and transfer case. Steering occurs by articulation of the front and rear cabs. Although these vehicles are usually very reliable, they need care and proper handling, and must only be operated by qualified personnel who have satisfied the training requirements.