Honda TRX300s and 350s are single cylinder, four stroke, engine-powered all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Widely used within the AAp for field travel, quads are particularly suited to use on hard snow and ice surfaces. They perform poorly on soft snow.

Quads are single person carriers and can carry cargo if required — up to 30 kg on the standard front rack and up to 60 kg on the rear carry rack. Small special purpose trailer or sleds can be towed behind the Hondas carrying a maximum of 200 kg. Under normal conditions, an operating range of about 120 km can be expected from a tank of fuel.

Transmission is via a 5 speed gearbox and automatic clutch. Tyre pressures of the high flotation tyres are critical, and can greatly affect traction and handling.

Quads may be fitted with chains and additional bags and equipment for field travel. They may be flown into remote locations for travel on rock areas and blue ice.