Sharon Labudda has demonstrated an outstanding work commitment to the AAD’s air transport program. She was the first aircraft ground support officer employed by the AAD with the introduction in the 2003–04 season of fixed-wing aircraft operations in Antarctica.

Her dedication, persistence and patience helps drive others to higher levels of work commitment. Sharon never falters; just puts in 200% all the time and yet is always considerate of others. She has established many work standards and practices that are continuously used in the Air Transport system in Antarctica. Sharon is always very thoughtful and always looking for a more efficient and better way to achieve the goals of the AAD’s flying program. Sharon has a pleasant, quiet and calming manner which enables her to communicate and work extremely well with others, whether it is a first acquaintance or a well seasoned work colleague.

Sharon was stranded out in the field for ten days (at the remote Tiger Balloon site) and just shone the whole time and took it in her stride just like it was another day.