Russell Rachinger was Station Leader at Casey in 1987. Whilst there he revised the safety procedures on the station, recommended operational procedures for travel on sea ice in the area and raised the environmental standards around the station.

Russell was acutely aware of the need to preserve the Antarctic environment. He organised the identification, packaging and return to Australia of over 40 tonnes of waste materials and surplus stores. Russell also participated in a variety of field operations including one glaciological traverse as a support member in the research team.

Vale Russell Rachinger 

22/11/1932 – 14/12/2023

Russell Passed away peacefuly on 14th December 2023, aged 91 years.

The AAD and ANARE Club extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family and many friends of Russell.

Russell lived an active life of service to the community and a career encompassing the Army, Antarctic Expedition Leader, Ararat Regional Development Board and Wool Grower.

A mentor and inspiration to his family and the 1987 Casey Expeditioners. He will be sadly missed.