Ms Meredy Zwar supported the two major field programs at Mawson with her cooking as well as continuing to support the rest of the station population. She provided in addition special meals for scientists in the field.

On her days off she was to be seen in the new Living Quarters painting and assisting in any way possible. She was also responsible for moving the messing operations from the old Mawson Mess to the new Living Quarters.

The presentation, variety and quality of meals by Ms Zwar throughout the year was always of the highest standard. She catered for all tastes while her dedication and cleanliness were far in excess of what is required and her standards never dropped.

In preparation for the Prince Charles Mountains Traverse, which was to establish a fuel depot and recover accommodation, food and field equipment containers for the forthcoming scientific program in the Prince Charles Mountains, Ms Zwar baked 180 loaves of bread, prepared and personally packed all food, cooking and kitchen equipment into the accommodation van and packed all frozen and dry foods into the food boxes on the sled for the traverse. This was far beyond what was required of her. During the Summer of 1994, helicopter operations to the Prince Charles Mountains saw Ms Zwar personally pack and arrange delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables, with copies of the daily station newspaper to the Traverse.

Apart from her work Ms Zwar was involved in school, radio and newspaper interviews on many occasions throughout the year. She has participated in phone interviews with young school children, high school students and other members of the public.