Dr Erwin Erb has given outstanding service to the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) over a number of years. As well as providing a medical service to the highest standard, Dr Erb has amassed a collection of year round Antarctic fish for Australian scientists from Casey, Davis and Mawson. He has also undertaken additional research on Fur, Weddell, Elephant and Leopard seals, and many different bird species. The demanding fishing and seal programs made no allowance for the difficulties encountered in the field, including working for extensive periods alone in atrocious conditions. The success of these programs depended on his determination, meticulous planning, and physical strength and endurance.

Dr Erb’s calm and unruffled nature has long been recognised as a most helpful and productive element in the success of many expeditions. In addition to doing his own medical work in an exemplary manner he constantly sought to help others especially in their scientific endeavour.

His biological research over the six winters in Antarctica, covering periods at all five stations, is testimony to the outstanding service he has given ANARE. His contribution was one of continuous excellence, and he is a credit to the tradition of ANARE.