Award for Antarctic engineers

AAD engineers have been recognised for their dedication and innovative approach to ensuring sustainable Antarctic operations.

Chief AAD engineer Chris Paterson, and his team, received the President’s Prize at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards in November 2004, for their efforts in developing a sustainable energy system at Mawson Station. The system includes two wind turbines to help power the station, and hydrogen generated using energy from the turbines, which is used for heating.

The President of Engineers Australia, Mr Doug Jones, said, ‘This environmentally-sound, cost effective, sustainable energy system is the first serious attempt by any nation to use wind power generation in Antarctica on a large scale.

‘When the system is fully developed, an Antarctic station will, for the first time, be able to use a renewable source to meet virtually all its energy needs.’

The award also acknowledges the AAD’s proactive management of the satellite link between Kingston and the Antarctic stations, to make the most efficient use of bandwidth; and the work of the mechanical workshop in the refurbishment (recycling) of Hägglunds vehicles.