Director’s Awards

This year’s recipients of the Australian Government Antarctic Division’s Director’s Awards were:

Mike Woolridge, the Antarctic Division’s Station Support Coordinator, was commended for his enthusiasm, initiative and drive in supporting the preparation for and conduct of the 2005–06 summer programmes conducted in and around Davis station. He was especially congratulated for his quick thinking during the departure of the Aurora Australis from Hobart in 2005, when he rescued a young girl who fell into the water between the ship and the wharf.

The Davis station leadership team, consisting of John Rich, Graham Denyer, Ray Morris, Chris Tickner, and Janine Lea, were awarded for their actions following the unfortunate death of Peter Orbansen at Davis last summer. Individually and collectively each staff member worked professionally and with dignity and compassion, while participating in the formal investigation process following Peter’s death. At the same time they provided high quality leadership and direction to maintain their community and the well being of many of their team significantly affected by the event.

Two lay ‘surgical assistant’ teams destined for Mawson and Davis, were awarded for their assistance in the care of a patient requiring an emergency appendectomy aboard the Aurora Australis in October 2005. The team of chefs, carpenters, meteorologists and communication technical officers, assisted the Antarctic medical practitioners in preparing for the emergency surgery, during the operation, and in providing post operative care for the patient.

Environmental policy officer Ewan McIvor was recognised for the outstanding and innovative support he provided to the Chair of the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) between 2003 and 2006. Ewan developed the Chairman’s electronic brief — an archive of Antarctic Treaty and environment related documents. He also helped enhance the CEP’s website to improve communications between Treaty Parties.

The Media Production Manager in Multimedia Services, Jessica Fitzpatrick, was recognised for her exemplary customer and results focused work, and for her efforts in support of the combined meetings of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs.