Australian Antarctic Science Grants for 2001–2002

Senator the Hon. Robert Hill has approved the following Australian Antarctic Science Grants for 2001–2002. Funds totalling $653, 159 (GST inclusive) were allocated among 49 projects from researchers based at 18 institutions.
Institution Chief investigator Project title Amount of grant
Australian National University [ACT] Skotnicki, Dr Mary Conservation of plant biodiversity in Antarctica — a genetic approach $18,810
Skotnicki, Dr Mary Investigation of virus biodiversity in Antarctic terrestrial plants $7,700
Tregoning, Dr Paul Crustal rebound in the Lambert Glacier area $15,400
James Cook University [QLD] Jones, Dr Graham Factors affecting DMS in the seasonal ice zone $22,000
La Trobe University [VIC] Essex, Dr Elizabeth Mapping the GPS total electron content and scintillation activity at southern higher latitudes during high sunspot numbers $18,150
Dyson, Professor Peter Upper atmosphere dynamics and thermodynamics $11,000
Dyson, Professor Peter Investigations of Space Weather and the Mesosphere using the TIGER Radar $22,000
Goldsworthy, Dr Simon The conservation of fur seals in the antarctic marine ecosystem $27,423
Macquarie University [NSW] Gore, Dr Damian Palaeoenvironments of the Antarctic coast, from 50E to 120E $11,000
Gore, Dr Damian Glacial history of the Framnes Mountains, East Antarctica $17,215
Southern Cross University [NSW] Slade, Dr Rob Isolation and characterisation of arboviruses in seals and birds $10,670
Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service [TAS] Gales, Dr Rosemary Status and conservation of albatrosses on Macquarie Island $22,000
University of Adelaide [SA] Vincent, Dr Bob Dynamical coupling in the Antarctic middle atmosphere $17,050
University of Canberra [ACT] Pearson, Professor Colin Deterioration studies, archaeological investigations and structural assessments of Mawson’s Huts (Cape Denison) $2,200
University of Melbourne [VIC] Bye, Dr John Modelling the formation and subduction of subantarctic mode water in the South Australian Basin $16,500
Simmonds, Assoc Prof Ian Recent changes in the semiannual oscillation in the sub-Antarctic and their connections with cyclone variability $18,700
Simmonds, Assoc Prof Ian The nature of the Antarctic Circumpolar Wave and its connections with Australian rainfall variability $22,000
Stevens, Professor Geoff Development and application of particle separator technology for the removal of contaminated particulates from water in Antarctica $7,700
Ward, Dr Simon The distribution and abundance of nesting sites of flying seabirds in eastern Prydz Bay $9,900
Wilson, Assoc Prof Chris Proterozoic and Palaeozoic evolution of the Rauer Group $3,575
Wilson, Assoc Prof Chris Structure and dynamics of the Sørsdal Glacier $16,500
University of Newcastle [NSW] Fraser, Professor Brian Observations of ULF space plasma waves in Antarctica $22,000
Fraser, Professor Brian A Southern Hemisphere imaging riometer experiment (SHIRE) $19,848
University of New England [NSW] Smith, Dr Steve Spatial and temporal variation in the recruitment of benthic macroinvertebrates to artificial substrata $5,423
University of New South Wales [NSW] Burton, Dr Michael The automated astrophysical site testing observatory $10,890
University of Queensland [QLD] Bergstrom, Dr Dana Regional Sensitivity to Climate Change in Antarctic Terrestrial Ecosystems [RiSCC]: the periantarctic region $18,167
University of Sydney [NSW] Clarke, Dr Geoff The strength of the lower continental crust; evidence from Stillwell Hills-Oygarden Group coastline $9,350
Deen, Ms Tara Tomographic inversion of seismic data over holocene drift deposits from the George V Continental shelf, East Antarctica $3,300
AMMRC Rogers, Dr Tracey Leopard Seal Program $15,400
University of Tasmania [TAS] Bowman, Dr John Bacterial hydrocarbon degradation and impacts of hydrocarbon pollutants on microbial communities within Antarctic coastal sediments $7,480
Coleman, Professor Richard Amery Ice Shelf Dynamics from GPS $20,900
Coleman, Professor Richard GLAS Validation on the Amery Ice Shelf $11,752
Davidson, Dr Garry Tectonic, magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of ocean floor spreading at Macquarie Island $8,580
Jackson, Dr George Squid in the Antarctic and subantarctic, their biology and ecology $4,180
Kamenetsky, Dr Dima The distribution of volatile and metallic elements in the Macquarie Island glasses and melt inclusions: Implications for fractional crystallisation and degassing during seafloor basaltic magmatism $8,800
Kiernan, Dr Kevin Geomorphological evolution of Heard Island $7,150
McMinn, Assoc Prof Andrew Ecology and local impacts on near shore marine benthic algal mats $18,322
McMinn, Assoc Prof Andrew Sea ice primary production off eastern Antarctica $22,000
Nunez, Dr Manuel UV climate over the Southern Ocean south of Australia, and its biological impact $9,900
Quilty, Professor Pat Evolution of East Antarctic marine environment during the Neogene $4,268
Reid, Dr James A comparison of sea-ice thickness measurements made using ship-mounted and airborne electromagnetic induction devices $6,380
Roberts, Dr Donna High Resolution palaeoclimate analysis of the Windmill Islands: the last 200 years $1,320
Williams, Dr Ray Near-coastal distributions of icebergs, derived from SAR and Landsat MSS data using semi-automated image analysis techniques $9,900
University of Western Australia [WA] Kennedy, Dr Andrew Impact of global environmental change on the terrestrial biogeography of Antarctica $20,891
Shellam, Professor Geoff Investigations of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections in Antarctic and the development of a standardised monitoring scheme $16,995
Shellam, Professor Geoff South polar skuas as vectors of disease $8,800
University of Wollongong [NSW] Davis, Dr Andy Effects of UV radiation on community establishment: a global perspective $14,586
Robinson, Dr Sharon Assessing UV-B induced DNA damage in Antarctic plants: is desiccation a compounding factor? $21,934
Western Australian Museum [WA] Godfrey, Dr Ian Research in natural freeze-drying technology for the preservation of historic Antarctic buildings $7,150
Total $653,159