Nodwell and Foremost Pioneer tracked vehicles

Orange vehicle with a cab for passengers and tracks.
Nodwell at Casey (Photo: G. Creighton)
Poles being removed with the North Masson Ranges in the backgroundMawson station Pioneer tracked vehicle

The Nodwell is Canadian in origin and is the largest of the rubber tracked vehicles in use at Casey.

The Nodwell can accommodate up to 6 people whilst the cargo tray can carry loads of up to 4 tonnes.

Towing capacity is limited because of its rubber tracks, but the Nodwell can haul loads of up to 3 tonnes on suitable sledges.

The Nodwell is powered by a Caterpillar 6 cylinder, turbo after-cooled diesel engine, and transmits power to the tracks through an Allison MT 654 transmission. It is of cab/tray configuration and is also fitted with a hydraulic telescoping cargo crane.

The Nodwell is used specifically to support scientific and other field programmes. It is not a general usage vehicle.

Because of the complexity, a mechanic or suitably experienced operator must always accompany the vehicle on any journey.

A Foremost Pioneer, a similar tracked vehicle, is used at Mawson. However it has a smaller cab which can carry a maximum of three people. It is not used for any long distance field work, but primarily for cargo work in support of air operations.