This type of accommodation incorporates cold room panels (insulated Colorbond laminate) assembled to form ISO-container size modules. There are a variety of assembly methods including securing to ISO-floor plan sized steel frames.

These modules can include a complete interior fit out for a variety of applications such as living, mess, ablutions, communications, or laboratory areas.

The AANBUS containers have been used as field huts at the continental stations (eg Rumdoodle outside Mawson), and are now used for sled mounted field facilities.


  • The design utilises existing cold room panel components and handling experience.
  • They enable rapid deployment of self-contained unit.
  • Standard sized floor plans ensure compatibility with handling equipment.
  • They are durable structures with long life-cycle.
  • They can be assembled in custom sizes, and combined for modular camp structures.
  • Panels provide quality insulation with non-standard heights permitting more interior headroom. The modules offer high quality work/living environment.
  • They are suitable for fixed mounting of equipment such as communications or renewable energy generators (PV, solar hot water or wind turbines).
  • Individual panels can be replaced for module flexibility or repair.


  • Designs and operational performance are not well developed.
  • They consume a large shipping volume due to the high proportion of empty space.
  • They cannot be deployed by existing air operations.
  • They are expensive to purchase and deploy.
  • Vapour barrier penetrations are difficult to control.