Sea transport photo gallery


Australia’s orange icebreaker ship Aurora Australis in a sea of icebergs.
Photo: Glenn Jacobson
Close-up of ship’s name: Aurora Australis
Photo: Nisha Harris
Aurora Australis at Mawson station
Photo: Ewan Curtis

Aurora Australis

Aerial view of the ship Aurora Australis surrounded by icy and water.
Photo: Wendy Pyper
Aurora Australis in the ice, with sunset in the background
Aurora Australis in the pack ice
Photo: Sandra Zicus
The Aurora Australis in sea ice
Photo: Sandra Zicus
The Aurora Australis unloads cargo on the fast ice at Davis station.
Photo: Bill DeBruyn

Small watercraft

Two red IRBs rafted together with 4 people
Photo: Lionel Whitehorn
Photo taken from above of someone climbing down a rope ladder into a rubber boat.
Photo: A. Rushton

Small boat (IRB/RIB) operations

About six expeditioners in wet suits and gear wade in the water to push an inflatable boat over a wave to launch
Photo: J Wruck
Two people in an IRB floating on the water.
Photo: Eve
Two people in a red inflatable boat are dwarfed by a huge red iceberg.
Photo: Peter Schuller


A barge motoring away from the ship.
Photo: AAD
Barge suspended on a cable from a crane over the side of a ship
Dozer at the shore on the barge
Photo: John Leben


The LARC is lifted in a sling from a crane off the ship onto land.
Photo: Mick Loederman
The LARC drives out of the water and onto land
Photo: James Doube
The LARC shows its use as a boat as it speeds across the water with Macquarie Island in the background
Photo: Mick Loederman