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Life aboard Nuyina

Nuyina is home for scientists and expeditioners during long voyages south. Comfortable, modern facilities mean people on board can relax, exercise, refuel and socialise in their downtime, while working around the clock on science and resupply projects.

Food is life

Food plays a vital role in providing variety, social opportunities and the first layer of insulation against the cold! The dining area, known as the mess, provides cafe-style dining, with a large self-serve counter stocked with delicious and nutritious food for three main meals a day. Expeditioners take their meal breaks in shifts, and a dedicated kitchen team provides a varied menu.

Nuyina's galley is a full-scale commercial kitchen with ovens, cooktops, microwaves and a bread maker. A scullery and industrial dish washing facilities are operated by expeditioners who volunteer in the 'slushy' or kitchenhand role. Fresh food is more abundant during the first weeks of a voyage, but the creative chefs have enough supplies to produce continuously delicious meals for months at sea.

Home away from home

Nuyina accommodates 117 expeditioners and 32 crew. Expeditioners share a two-person cabin with an ensuite. Each cabin has individual desk spaces with bookshelves and locker storage space for clothes, personal effects and survival kits. There's a laundry on each accommodation deck so people can wash, dry and iron their clothes.

A comfortable lounge provides seating and a space to socialise and relax outside the cabins. There are many conference and meeting rooms, incuding a theatrette with seating for up to 80 people. This is used for briefings and training. It's also the venue for movie nights on the ship, a popular pastime for those whiling away the hours in transit! The library has books and magazines to suit everyone's tastes.

There's a gym on board for those who like to keep active. It's as well equipped as any facility in Australia, with modern exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and cross-trainers. A weight frame, bench presses and non-rolling weights accommodate those who like to lift, and there's plenty of floor space with mats for pilates or yoga.

A woman sitting on a yoga mat and a man pedalling an exercise bike, surrounded by other bikes and gym equipment.
Nuyina's crew and expeditioners keep fit in the ship's gym, which has 6 exercise bikes, 2 rowing machines, 2 treadmills, 2 cross-trainers, one weight frame, 2 bench presses and non-rolling weights, and floor-space with mats for pilates or yoga. Photo: Pete Harmsen
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