Moss flora of Macquarie Island

In the spirit of Australian explorer and botanist Sir Joseph Banks, Rod Seppelt’s book The Moss Flora of Macquarie Island brings together an extensive evaluation of subantarctic moss flora. The book is the culmination of 28 years of research by Dr Seppelt; a Principal Research Scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and curator of the AAD Herbarium.

Dr Seppelt has visited Antarctica and the subantarctic more than 36 times and is recognised as Australia’s leading Antarctic bryologist. He is also one of Australia’s most accomplished botanical illustrators.

The Moss Flora of Macquarie Island outlines the known flora of Macquarie Island though a combination of Dr Seppelt’s beautiful illustrations and taxonomic information. As many of the species illustrated in the book exist throughout the southern hemisphere, it will provide a valuable reference for Tasmania and New Zealand.