Station Leaders for 2004

Bob Jones –Davis

Bob Jones is a veterinary surgeon by profession, graduating from Sydney University in 1970 and London University in 1975.

In the 1980s he made three summer visits to subantarctic Heard Island, as a scientist. In 1983 he investigated whether there was any risk to the gentoo penguins from Australian poultry diseases. In 1985 he was a member of team that conducted the first accurate census of elephant seals on the island. In 1987 the team repeated the census and studied reasons for the decline in the elephant seal population.

In the 1990s he resigned from his position as Director of a Veterinary Research and Diagnostic laboratory in Bendigo to become more involved in Australia’s Antarctic Program. He wintered as a station leader at MacquarieIsland, Mawson twice and Davis in 1992, 1994, 1997 and 2000 respectively. In 1996 Bob was awarded the Australian Antarctic Medal for leadership and support for science.

Joan Russell — Mawson

This year at Mawson is Joan Russell’s fourth year as station leader. She has held the position previously at Casey (1990) and Macquarie Island (1994, 2002). Additionally she went as Camp Manager and Cook to Commonwealth Bay in the summer 1997–98 with the AAP Mawson’s Huts Expedition.

In a former life Joan was a senior member of the South Australian public service, holding positions such as Presiding Officer of the Promotion and Grievance Appeals Tribunal, Director of Human Resources, SA Police and CEO SA Aboriginal Health Council.

Karen Kristensen — Casey

Karen hails from the south-west of Western Australia. She worked in the mining industry for nine years, her last position being a Fixed Plant Production Supervisor in the processing section of a large gold mine in the north-west of Western Australia. Whilst there she was involved in many different facets of mining life other than management and supervision, such as EEO Grievance Officer, trained Industrial Paramedic and second in charge of a voluntary mines rescue team for five years.

Currently she is undertaking a double major in Environmental Science and Conservation Biology. She has previously worked for the Australian Antarctic Division as the station leader at MacquarieIsland in 1999. On her return to Australia she intends to undertake more study and travel.

Graeme Beech –Macquarie Island

Graeme Beech (Beechy) took over the role of station leader at Macquarie Island on 9 March 2004 and will continue through to April 2005. Graeme has previously worked for the AAD in 1998 when he enjoyed a productive and satisfying year as station leader at Casey. He has worked in the conservation management field in a variety of locations around Australia including Wilson’s Promontory, JervisBay, Christmas Island and Darwin.

Prior to his Macca posting he was working in Canberra as an Assistant Director in the Marine Protected Areas Section of the Department of Environment and Heritage and was involved in the declaration and management of Commonwealth Marine Protected Areas, including Macquarie Island Marine Park which was declared in 1999. Being selected as station leader for the world heritage Macquarie Island is like the ‘icing on the cake'. Graeme has settled in well at Macquarie and with the other seventeen expeditioners is enjoying the challenges, variety and pleasures that come with working and living in such a remote and amazing environment.