Freeze Frame

Field biologist Kim Kliska spent three seasons working with albatrosses and petrels on Macquarie Island, between October 2015 and April 2017. Prior to this she spent five years working in biological research around Australia. She has also worked in outdoor education, in Australia and overseas, leading young people on international expeditions to the Himalayas and South-East Asia.

Kim says: 

This photo of a black-browed albatross chick was taken while I was working as a field biologist on the Macquarie Island albatross and petrel program — a long-term study to help manage and conserve threatened seabirds. I was conducting nest checks on the steep slopes of the island when I spotted this curious youngster 100m away. In between showers, this photo was taken with an Olympus OMD E-M1, set at F6.3 and 1/400 s. I am passionate about capturing photos of the wildlife I am privileged to work with, so that I can share the experience with others and inspire them to care for these amazing creatures.