Freeze Frame

Glenn Jacobson has worked in the Australian Antarctic Division’s multimedia section as a production coordinator since 1984. He produces video and still images for the Antarctic Division’s website, various publications and news media.

Glenn says:

This photo was taken on the first trial flight of the Royal Australian Air Force C17-A Globemaster to Wilkins Aerodrome in November 2015. I had flown down on the Australian Antarctic Division’s A319 earlier in the day to capture video and still footage of the landing, and was well positioned part-way down the runway when it arrived. It was exciting to see such a large aircraft land on the ice and the jets kicked up huge amounts of snow. I filmed and photographed the historic event for the Antarctic Division’s multimedia library and was lucky enough to fly home on the aircraft. It was a little less comfortable than the A319, but roomy enough to play indoor soccer (not that we did)! I used a Nikon D800 at 1/800 sec, f14, ISO 250.