Australian Antarctic weather records: Casey

This issue’s Australian Antarctic station weather information moves from Mawson and Davis to Casey, where the Met team was led by Gary Malpass.

Month by month overview of 2001

Jan., Feb. & March 2001: Average conditions

April & May 2001: Higher than average wind strength and snowfall

June 2001: Average conditions

July 2001: Above average wind strength and temperature

Aug. 2001: −32.9°C on 24 Aug, lowest August temperature since records began in 1989 at current Casey site

Sept. 2001: Slightly above average precipitation

Oct. 2001: Highest October mean daily sunshine since 1989: 5.9 hours of sunshine per day, exceeding old record by 0.7 hour.

Nov. and Dec. 2001: Average conditions.

2001 weather extremes

Lowest air pressure: 949.7 hPa on 2 and 29June

Highest air pressure: 1008.0 hPa on 24 May

Lowest daily minimum temperature: minus 32.9°C on 24 August

Highest daily minimum temperature: 0.0°C on 17 January

Lowest daily maximum temperature: minus 26.7°C on 24 August

Highest daily maximum temperature: 5.0°C on 31 December

Highest daily maximum wind gust: Easterly, 195km/h (105 knots) on 11 September

Weather phenomena

No. of Days % of the year

Wind above 22 knots 178 49

Wind above 34 knots 127 35

Blizzard* 61 17

Snow fall 175 48

*A blizzard is defined as a period of more than one hour when snow reduces visibility below 100m, the temperature is below freezing point and the wind speed is above 33 knots.