Freeze Frame

Chris Wilson has worked at Casey, Davis and Mawson stations as the Australian Antarctic Division’s Building Services Supervisor between 2006 and 2011. He aims to produce photographs of a high technical and artistic standard, which document the constantly changing landscape of Antarctica.

“It was a bitterly cold March morning at Mawson station when I looked out my bedroom window to discover a spectacular aurora behind one of the wind turbines. With the wind around 40 knots, I found a spot on the leeward side of the Wombat building and composed the image in the faint glow of a nearby light. I took a series of shots, but the strong colour contrast in this one drew my eye. I used a Canon 1Ds Mark III camera with a 17mm TS-E lens. This image ‘Blown Away’ received a special mention in the 2011 Extreme Environment Photographic Competition.”