Freeze Frame

This photo was taken in early spring, just as the Weddell seal pups were being born. During a trip out to Herring Island we discovered over 20 seals with their pups on the southern side of the island. After photographing some of them, I came across a recently used breathing hole. Wanting a picture of a seal emerging for air, I waited for about 10 minutes before one came to the surface. When it did, it blew a huge spray of water, before turning and looking right at me. I only had time to shoot one image before the seal slid silently back into the icy depths.

Chris Wilson worked at Casey and Davis stations as the Australian Antarctic Division’s Building Services Supervisor between 2006 and 2008. He is now working as an estimator and project manager for Fairbrother Pty Ltd. Chris aims to produce photographs of a high technical standard, which document the constantly changing landscape of Antarctica, but that maintain their unique aesthetic quality.