Australia Day Award

Life can be tough for the families and friends of expeditioners who are sent to Antarctica for extended periods. The Australian Antarctic Division’s (AAD) Expeditioner Family Liaison Officer (EFLO), Mary Mulligan, provides information, advice and support to these families and friends as needed. This is especially so during times of uncertainty or crisis, such as the death of Peter Orbansen in Antarctica last November.

This year Mary was awarded an Australia Day Achievement Medallion for her years of service to the expedition staff and to families. The nomination from the AAD reads: ‘This Award is presented to Mary Mulligan for her consistently high standard of support to expeditioners, their families and friends in her role as the Australian Antarctic Division’s Expeditioner Family Liaison Officer. In particular her drive, enthusiasm, good humour, professionalism and especially her compassion when supporting staff, families and friends following the death of an expeditioner in Antarctica have been exemplary. Mary is congratulated and thanked for her extraordinary support to the Australian Antarctic programme over many years.