Living at Davis

Green aurora hanging in the nights sky over station buildings
Davis station under an aurora, a favourite for photographers. (Photo: Vicki H)
Davis living quarters are bright green with tunnels connecting buildingsExpeditioner seated beside a window with the sunlight pouring inThree expeditioners riding quad bikes on the sea iceGroup of expeditioners sitting around the bar smiling at cameraPre-dinner photo of the expedition team seated at the midwinter dinner. Everyone is dressed up and surrounded by all the flags of the Antarctic Treaty nations.expeditioner mid way up the climbing wall

Davis is home to about 120 expeditioners over summer and about 18 over winter. Expeditioners may expect to have their own room in winter but may be required to share over the busy summer months.

As with all stations, the local ‘supermarket’ is substituted by a walk-in cupboard called “Woolies”, where expeditioners can browse the shelves for basic toiletries provided for their use.

The station has a large dining room (or mess), several communal sitting areas and a range of amenities including medical and laundry facilities, a theatrette where movies are shown, a library, a small spa and sauna and a climbing wall. A new, more comfortable living quarters is under construction and should be completed before long.

Volleyball, badminton and table tennis can be played in the ambient area of the Green Store, providing the area is not required by the storesperson or for other work activities. There are also rudimentary facilities for some outdoor sports activities in summer, such as cricket, soccer and golf. A good range of cross-country ski boots and skis is located in the field store.

Communal life is the norm and expeditioners are expected to contribute to the day-to-day running of the station. Rosters are set up for Saturday duties that may include vacuuming the living area, shovelling snow, cleaning the cold porches etc. Expeditioners are rostered on ‘slushy duty’ to help the chef out in the kitchen.

Davis has a limited water supply and in summer, showers are restricted, often to one every three days and for a maximum duration of three minutes.