Two snow groomers lead the way for the traverse fleet, smoothing the icy path ahead.

As part of the modern traverse fleet, two PistenBully 300 snow groomers are dedicated to delivering a smooth journey.

The combined weight of the traverse infrastructure and mobile inland station is 400-500 tonnes. Snow groomers travel at the front of the pack, seeking a safe travel route and smoothing a path with no large bumps or sudden gradient changes.

These specially-designed vehicles are designed to move on top of the snow surface, and have a very evenly distributed weight. A shovel attached to the front moves excess snow aside, and at the same time a roller at the rear levels the surface.


At the end of each day of the traverse journey, a snow groomer prepares a 'car park'.

As well as creating a safe area for the expeditioners to rest and recharge, each vehicle in the traverse needs to be plugged into a generator overnight. This keeps their engine blocks warm, allowing the team to wake up and get moving quickly and efficiently the next morning.

A flat, well-maintained surface also minimises the risk of tractors or sleds becoming bogged overnight or as they start to pull away.

Once at the inland station site, snow groomers are used to level platforms and walkways, to maintain a network of safe travel routes, and to prepare a skiway for intra-continental flights.