LifeWorks delivers a range of services to support participants in the Australian Antarctic Program. The support can be for various aspects of life such as physical, mental, social and financial. LifeWorks is independent and professional. Their services are free to participants in the Australian Antarctic Program and eligible family members.

Who can access these services?

All participants in the Australian Antarctic Program, regardless of affiliation, have access to LifeWorks services at no cost. Participants’ immediate families can also access the services for free. Access is available from commencement with the Program and for up to six months after return from Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic or Southern Ocean. Services can also be used by Head Office staff and their immediate families.

How to Access the Service

You can contact our EAP provider by calling 1800 273 865 (or +61 2 9368 0056 from overseas) at any time. LifeWorks provide a range of programs and services including:

  • counselling (including psychological, financial, nutrition, legal and more)
  • coaching
  • manager hotline
  • online and chat
  • health and wellbeing portal.

24-hour support and emergencies

Senior clinicians are available 24/7, just call 1800 273 865.