Quad bivvy

The box-shaped quad bivvy, part of all quad, snowmobile and IRB survival kits, can be carried by a party of up to four on foot. In an emergency, a knife can be used to slit the floor allowing it to be dropped over a casualty. It can be strung between two quads to provide shelter for 2–4.

  1. The quads should be parked rear to rear with the front quad facing into the wind and angled slightly to deflect the wind away from the entrance side of the bivvy. A rag, glove etc. can be stuffed in the lee Quad’s exhaust to stop snow entering.
  2. Holes should be dug in the snow for the front wheels of each quad to sit in, raising the back end slightly, reducing the chance that the windward quad will roll into the bivvy and reducing the amount of wind passing under the front quad.
  3. Use ice screws or snow stakes to hold the windward quad down so that it doesn’t crush you while you sleep! Build a snow wall on the upwind side and back wall of the bivvy.

Mega bivvy

The mega bivvy is designed for rapid deployment. It can be quickly deployed over a casualty without the need to lift them.

It has an open base and tunnel door for use after everyone is inside.

Mega bivvies come in two sizes and will hold 4–6 or 6–12 people and weigh approximately 0.5–1kg. People can sit on the edge facing in and a stove can be lit in the middle.