All expeditioners must create or update a profile in Antarctic Applications Online (AAO) before you can ‘head south’ to the Antarctic or sub-Antarctic.

This is a simple procedure with on-screen help available.

Your AAO profile contains a range of personal information including:

  • home and emergency contact details
  • special dietary needs
  • details of skills and experience
  • passport/visa details
  • mailing contact details for family and friends.

Where possible, you should begin your personal profile about 8–10 weeks before your intended departure date, especially if passports and/or visas are required. It must be completed by at least six weeks before your intended departure date. This lead time is critical to completion of pre-departure planning processes.

Keep your login details safe; they are for your personal use only, so please do not share them with anyone else.

If you are travelling south for two consecutive seasons, you should provide information relating to the current season and only provide the information for the following season after you have returned to Australia.

If you need help to create or update your profile: