Tanya’s professional experience is centred on the intersection of art and science. With a background in graphic design, photography and environmental science she is passionate about published works that deliver a fresh approach to engaging children (and adults) with the natural world.

At the time of her fellowship, Tanya Patrick was the editor of Scientriffic magazine, Australia’s most popular science magazine for children aged 7+, published by CSIRO’s Double Helix Science Club. She has written and edited hundreds of popular science stories for children from dispelling myths about sharks and backyard biodiversity to asking readers to count the millipedes marauding in their gardens.

Before she left Tanya asked Scientriffic readers what they would like to know about Antarctica. With a readership base of over 100, 000 she was bombarded with more than 2000 questions from children across Australia. Where do penguins go to dance? What is it like to sleep in an igloo? How can ancient ice be used as a time machine? She travelled aboard the Aurora Australis — the AAD’s research and supply vessel, across one of the roughest oceans in the world to find out the answers.

Tanya’s proposal included the production of an Antarctic themed edition of Scientriffic and The Helix magazine, a popular blog and podcasts.

Her book Polar Eyes: a journey to Antarctica (with drawings by co-recipient Nicholas Hutcheson) was awarded Honour Book in Children’s Book Council of Australia, Eve Pownall non-fiction category In 2010. It has been praised for it’s layered format, stimulating visual narrative and photography.