“As a lover of Wild Places, being an Arts Fellow of the Australian Antarctic Division was the ultimate destination. My colleagues’ generosity with their time enabled me to explore well beyond station confines, and learn so much about what the scientists, trades people, station staff, medics and meteorologists were doing, and the dynamics of life in Antarctica. Navigating the technical challenges of recording in extreme conditions, experimenting with underwater recordings, and living with the support and friendship of this isolated and tight-knit community, made it a remarkable experience. Alongside material gathered on the unforgettable journeys south on Aurora Australis, and home on Vasiliy Golovnin, this work formed the basis of my exhibition and associated talks and workshops, which were designed to share knowledge of this special place. The exhibition included a related workshop for schools. It toured from 2006 to 2012, and with associated artist talks, which extended to 2018, it went on to introduce me to new people, and no doubt contributed towards the award of further residencies. Two of the images received recognition as finalists in The Environmental Photographer of the Year Award, 2010, and The New Scientist Eureka Awards, 2007.”

Meet Judy Parrott

Judy Parrott has 20 years experience working as a photographic and sound artist. She explores the relevance of belonging for personal and environmental wellbeing, collaborating with interesting people in fascinating places, while starting conversations around language, culture and environment.

Parrott has held residencies in Canada, Australia, Scotland and Bolivia, as well as the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship. She has presented work internationally in 45 exhibitions. Her highlights include her Fellowship in Antarctica, and an exhibition titled, Grounded. Grounded explores the surprising parallels between Scottish Gaelic and Australian Aboriginal communities, and affects of displacement, loss of land and loss of language. Grounded was commissioned for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival (2014) and its subsequent Australian tour (2015 to 2019), which reached 18,110 visitors.

Arts Fellowship project

Judy Parrott spent 3 months at Casey research station during the summer of 2005/06.

During this time, she documented the life of a community in Antarctica, depicting the energy of a dedicated team of people. The resulting exhibition was based on the 5 senses.

Find Judy Parrott’s work

Judy Parrott's exhibition Antarctica — a place in the Wilderness, includes silver gelatin photographs, collage, data projection, soundscape, diaries, and found items with permission for their collection and display. A Braille version of her diary was also produced.

The exhibition was staged at the Brisbane Powerhouse in November/December 2006 and at the Mawson Pavilion, Hobart during the Midwinter Festival in June 2007. Judy’s work also featured in an exhibition at Parliament House, Canberra in August/September 2007.

Following her Fellowship in 2006, Parrott’s photographic exhibition toured Australia for 6 years. The exhibition, called Antarctica — A Place in the Wilderness, was accompanied by talks and workshops.