Air transport photo gallery

Wilkins Aerodrome

A319 on the ice at Wilkins runway near Casey
Photo: Glenn Jacobson
A sun dog, which is a meteorological phenomenon light formation at Wilkins runway.
Photo: Simon Jodrell
Machinery out on the runway blowing snow off it.
Photo: William Seal
A large proof roller flattens the icy runway
Photo: Micky Loedeman
Orange building in the sun with flag flying alongside.
Photo: Ali Dean
A landscape view of Wilkins Runway on an overcast day
Photo: Micky Loedeman
Green and red sheds made out of shipping containers on the ice at Wilkins Runway.
Photo: Micky Loedeman
Photo looking down the runway with the snow grooming machine driving away as it is working the ice surface on a blue sky sunny day.
Photo: M. Ryan

Airbus A319

A plane’s cargo is unloaded on Antarctic ice runway
Photo: Glenn Jacobson
Rows of seats inside a small plane, three on each side with a row in the middle
Photo: Glenn Jacobson
Cargo hold of A319 taken from outside of plane
Photo: Glenn Jacobson

C17-A Globemaster III

The C17-A Globemaster aircraft at Wilkins Aerodrome in East Antarctica.
Photo: Glenn Jacobson
Pallets of supplies attached to parachutes drop from the tail end of a C-17A aircraft.
Photo: Barry Becker

Basler BT-67 aircraft

The Basler, painted red and white, is stationary on the ice.
Photo: Chris Wilson
Two planes, the Basler just larger than the Twin Otter, parked next to each other.
Photo: Chris Wilson

DHC-6 Twin Otter

Red and white plane on the ice.
Photo: Dana Bergstrom


Red helicopter on helipad on the ship deck, with the deck officer standing in front of two expeditioners waiting to board.
Photo: Rich Youd
Red helicopter on black sandy beach with snow-covered mountain in background.
Photo: Rich Youd
Helicopter flying above ship over ice.
Helicopter landing.
Photo: James M
A new helicopter hovers low over rock and snow in Antarctica.
Photo: David Barringhaus
AS350B3 helicopter hovers over the snow dusted ground.
Photo: David Barringhaus