Plants photo gallery


Sea ice algae
Photo: ACE CRC
Green algae growing on soil
Photo: Grant Dixon
Recently tipped iceberg brown with algae.
Photo: Kerry Steinberner
Micrograph of phytoplankton
Photo: Harvey Marchant
Microscopic image of coccolithophorid

Snow algae

Red algae in the snow
Photo: Bob Jones
Green algae (chlorophyta) on ice, Odbert Island
Photo: Hau Ling
Red algae in melt stream
Photo: Dale Ingarfield
Algae on ice creating green and brown stripey bands with mountains in background
Photo: Stephen Powell
Electron microscope image of snow algae
Photo: Gerry Nash


Ship on horizon with kelp on beach
Photo: Frederique Olivier
Washed up bull kelp
Photo: Corrine de Mestre
Rock stack with kelp
Photo: Barry Becker
Bull kelp holdfast
Photo: Barry Becker


Lichens on Heard Island
Photo: Roger Kirkwood
Flat black circular lichen on rock
Photo: Peter Hargreaves
Yellow lichen and black moss on rocks
Photo: Frederique Olivier
Orange lichen on icy rocks
Photo: Peter Hargreaves
Lichen on the rocks near Casey station
Photo: Peter Hargreaves
Lichen covered ventifacts on Heard Island.
Photo: Kate Kiefer
Yellow and black lichen on round rock
Photo: Barry Becker

Mosses & liverworts

Moss on rocks at Robinson Ridge
Photo: James Lowe
Undulating mossy turf
Photo: Sharon Robinson
Moss among rocks
Photo: Nisha Harris
A patchwork of moss and snow
Photo: Matt Curnock
A clump of moss
Photo: Ellen Ryan-Colton