Classroom resources

The Davis MFSA Radar as a demonstration of the two slit experiment PDF, illustrates concepts from secondary school teaching syllabi using examples from active research programs.

The demonstration contained in this document seeks to illustrate the phenomena of two-slit interference through a description of its practical application in an atmospheric radar. The learning experience is aimed at students of upper level high school physics. They will need to understand wave parameters sch as frequency and wavelength, and the results of wave superposition — nodes and antinodes.

Earth’s vertical electric field PDF seeks to give practical meaning to the theory describing the electric field between two parallel plates, by showing its application in our understanding of the earth’s vertical electric field. Upper level high school students will need to have a qualitative knowledge of the physics associated with a pair of charged plates and the electric field that is formed between them; and the relationship between resistance and the current (Ohms law).

These documents were prepared by physicists at the Australian Antarctic Division and Jak Denny, a chemistry and physics teacher at Hobart’s Rosny College.