Spotlight on the sea ice, 2012

Wendy standing on the deck of the Aurora Australis with an iceberg in the distance
Wendy’s last trip to Antarctica was in 2009–10 to report on a marine science voyage. (Photo: Roger Springthorpe)
Photo of Wendy PyperWendy dressed in Antarctic clothing

Follow Australian Antarctic Division science reporter Dr Wendy Pyper as she joins scientists on a seven-week voyage to the sea ice zone off East Antarctica.

The Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment II (SIPEX-II) will examine the physics, chemistry and biology of the sea ice zone. The resulting data will enhance scientists’ capability to detect climate change and assess its impacts on ecosystem function in the ice-covered Southern Ocean.

Wendy last went south on a marine science and resupply voyage in 2009–10 where she visited Casey and Davis stations.