Freeze Frame

Neil Brown currently works as the Davis station plumber, where he installs and operates the building services equipment and systems. He previously wintered at Casey in 2015 and spent 18 months at the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera station in 2017–18. During his time with BAS he saw large parts of England and visited Ascension Island, the Falkland Islands and Signy station on the Antarctic Peninsula. He lives in Derrinallum, Western Victoria.

Neil says:

I took this photo just after I had finished a time lapse of the aurora australis from a different location and saw that the lights were getting stronger. There were many different colours and they were all visible to the eye. It was 2 am and I had just enough battery left to take a few pictures on my way back to my donga. It took about five attempts to get an image I was happy with, using my Canon EOS 80D with an 11–20mm lens, at f/2.8, 8s.