Polar Force tour

Sound artist and former Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow (2009, 2015) Dr Philip Samartzis will present work arising from his fellowship in a national tour early next year.

The immersive and multi-sensory performance of Polar Force is set inside a white, inflatable, temperature controlled performance space.

Custom-built instruments made for the live manipulation of pressurised air, ice and water, will combine with high-fidelity multi-channel field recordings of Antarctica.

“Polar Force explores our relationship to the natural world by addressing notions of human fragility and isolation from the perspective of the coldest, windiest and driest continent on earth,” Dr Samartzis said.

The sound installation has been developed in collaboration with Speak Percussion.

The next performance is at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art from January 20–24, 2019. For further information and tour dates see Speak Percussion.

Wendy Pyper