Antarctic Medal

Long-time Antarctic expeditioners from three diverse careers were honoured with the Australian Antarctic Medal in June — Dr John Cadden, plumber Robert (Bob) Rowland, and electronics engineer Kym Newbery.

Dr Cadden has provided medical services to expeditioners over two Antarctic winters, resupply and marine science voyages, and summer expeditions, between 1999 and 2016. His outstanding skills in psychiatry and psychology, as well as surgery and remote medicine, has earned him the respect, confidence and gratitude of many expeditioners.

Mr Rowland has been a plumber at Australia’s Antarctic stations from 1983 through to 2015. He has been instrumental in station maintenance and building programs, with an extensive knowledge of station waste management, water reticulation, heating and ventilation systems. He has also played a key role in fostering a supportive community environment on station and mentoring less experienced expeditioners.

Mr Newbery has been an expeditioner and head office employee at the Australian Antarctic Division for 17 years (see Creative solutions to Antarctic challenges).

The Australian Antarctic Medal was established in 1987 and is an award in the Meritorious Service Awards category of the Australian Honours System. It replaced the (British) Imperial Polar Medal and its variations which date back to 1857 for service in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Nisha Harris
Australian Antarctic Division