Freeze Frame

Doug McVeigh is a Supervising Communications Technical Officer responsible for all satellite, LAN, radio and other communications and science equipment on station. He has wintered at all four Antarctic and subantarctic stations and summered at various times as well. He has been part of the fire and search and rescue teams, and the lay medical teams, and is heavily involved in science work during winter — including sea ice monitoring, penguin camera maintenance, remediation activities and lake sampling.

Doug says:

This photo was taken with a Sony Cyber-shot point and shoot that I keep with me no matter what the weather. The Red Shed, at Casey, on this particular day seemed totally different from how I had seen it before. It had a magical view about it, with the way the snow clung to the shed and the contrast of the red showing in places on the structure. The landscape, weather conditions and every other aspect of Antarctica is different from one minute to the next, and if one does not capture the moment at the time, the opportunity is unlikely to happen again. I just admired the beauty that was before me at the time and then took the photo to capture this memory.