Freeze Frame

Expedition mechanic, Corey Brazendale, has completed two winters at Davis and one summer at Mawson. As well as servicing and fixing heavy vehicles and equipment, Corey volunteered on the stations’ emergency response teams and provided ‘lay surgical’ assistance to the stations’ doctors. His work as a volunteer firefighter with the Tasmanian Fire Service has taught him not to overact in stressful situations.

Corey says of this photo…

This photo was taken during the 2014–15 resupply voyage of Mawson station on a relatively calm night. It was the last opportunity I had to wander around the base after a busy summer season, before departing for Davis. I had been walking at West Arm, saying my farewells to the lazing Weddell seals, moulting Adélie penguins and the station off in the distance. On my return I had to pause to admire the Aurora Australis safely moored under the heavy skies in Horseshoe Harbour. Luckily I had my tripod handy and the long exposure shot really captured the mood of the night. (Nikon D800E, Sigma 35mm, f/1.4).