Antarctic Environments Portal

A new website that bridges the gap between Antarctic science and policy was demonstrated at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in May.

The Antarctic Environments Portal presents peer-reviewed science to policy-makers on environmental issues, including the introduction of non-native species to Antarctica, protected areas, tourism, climate change and environmental clean-up.

Information in the Portal supports the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP), which provides advice and recommendations to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties on environmental protection. The website includes summaries of the current knowledge of the CEP on its priority issues and management of those issues.

The Portal also enables Antarctic scientists to provide independent, scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System. This includes bringing emerging issues to the attention of policy makers.

The portal is being developed by Antarctica New Zealand and Landcare Research New Zealand, with input from a number of collaborators including the Australian Antarctic Division. The full version of the portal will be launched at the next Antarctic Treaty meeting, but a preview site is available.