Freeze Frame

This image is one of 138 separate 30-second exposures from a time-lapse sequence taken on a very cold morning (−35°C) in July. I used a 10.5mm fisheye lens which distorted the horizon and LIDAR beam. For me, the challenge of photography and cinematography in Antarctica is producing an image or sequence that does this magnificent place justice. Many people can only experience Antarctica through the images and stories that Antarctic expeditioners bring home. I hope that they will be compelled to protect and value this last great wilderness just as much as those fortunate to have experienced it first-hand do.

Nick Roden has spent the past 12 months working as a weather observer at Davis for the Bureau of Meteorology. Prior to his Antarctic deployment Nick was a professional golfer. Seeking a career change, he completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Tasmania, focussing on the effect of ocean acidification on Southern Ocean organisms. He plans to continue this research in a PhD when he returns.