Freeze Frame

I love the look of Australian Antarctic stations with their vibrant colours, sharp lines and angles. The Rosella Shed — the workshop for Mawson station ‘chippies’ (carpenters) — is aptly named for its array of brilliant colours. As I understand it, the wonderful colours of Rosella were inspired as much by economy as design — the building is clad with off-cut materials. One Sunday at Mawson, when the sun was shining and the wind wasn’t howling, I spent a few hours wandering about the station with my camera, and this was the result.

Robyn Mundy has been travelling to the polar regions for 14 years, working on ship-based tours for Aurora Expeditions. In 2003–04 she worked at Davis as a field assistant for a project investigating diseases in skuas. In 2008 she wintered at Mawson station, working with Dr Gary Miller at Auster Rookery to research the presence of avian viruses in emperor penguins, an experience she describes as one of the best years of her life.