Antarctic Station Leaders 2007–2008


Jeremy Smith has spent 26 years in academia as a Lecturer, and later, Associate Professor at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW, where he specialised in biogeography and taught environmental studies. He has undertaken field research in Papua New Guinea, Sabah and Venezuela, as well as in eastern Australia, from Tasmania to Torres Strait. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications in biogeography, particularly the ecology and origins of equatorial high mountain floras, dispersal of seeds by marine currents and the invasion of Australian habitats by exotic shrub species. This season at Casey station will mark Jeremy’s fifth year as a Station Leader in Antarctica. He has previously occupied the position at Macquarie Island in 1996, Davis in 2001 and 2003 and Casey in 2005.


Peter Pedersen comes from a 17-year career with the Australian Quarantine Service, based in Cairns. As a Remote Area Operations Coordinator he was responsible for remote field activity in Cape York, and exercises in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Much of his work involved providing logistical support to scientific staff undertaking exotic pest and disease surveys, border enforcement along the northern Australian coast, and community engagement work, especially in remote Aboriginal communities. Peter was posted to Torres Strait for two years and was involved with quarantine border issues between Papua New Guinea and Australia. He then spent a year in East Timor leading a project to establish the newly independent country’s first quarantine service. Peter is a keen hiker and fisherman, and enjoys spending time on his doorstep — the Great Barrier Reef!


Narelle Campbell, born and raised in Wingham and Taree (NSW), has 23 years experience in print media, covering logistics, sales and marketing in senior management roles. She began her career at Rural Press Limited before moving to Fairfax Media where she was National Circulation Manager for Fairfax Business Media for seven years. Here she was responsible for overseeing print orders, distribution, sales, marketing, subscriptions and audits. In 2005 she took on her current role as National Manager, Income Development, for Mission Australia. Narelle has degrees in social science and counselling and has worked as a volunteer for Missionbeat in Sydney — providing support to homeless people. When not at home in Coogee, Narelle can be found out climbing, sailing, kayaking or walking. She has walked the Kokoda Track and completed high altitude climbs in Nepal, India, Africa and Chile.