Crabeater seals

Crabeater lying on blue ice with mouth open
Photo: Sarah Laverick
Crabeater seals on ice
Photo: Paula Olson
Crabeater seal lying on ice with mouth wide
Photo: Kate Kloza
A crabeater seal on beach
Photo: Marc Mills

Elephant seals

Face of a small Elephant seal.
Photo: Robby Van Tongeren
Two elephants lying on kelp are surrounded by steam from their own mouths.
Photo: Tod Iolovski
Elephant seal cow hugging herself with her flippers.
Photo: Troy Metcalfe
Male elephant seal roaring on Macquarie Island beach.
Photo: Eve
Elephant seal resting in the kelp yawning while facing camera.
Two elephant seal weaner pups playing in a brown puddle.
Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker
Part of the very large elephant seal harem on West Beach. There are several hundred seals in the harem, which extends from the foreground all the way into the distance on the beach. The escarpment is in the distant background.
Photo: Barend (Barry) Becker
Bull elephant seal lying among other seals with red eyes and proboscis raised.
Photo: Mick Eccles
Two elephant seals with a sunset backdrop.
Photo: Stu Shaw
Elephant seal weaner (pup) in a small water hole with the sign “Alby’s Bog” on the right.
Photo: Kelly Smith
Bull elephant seal showing off his proboscis while roaring in the water.
Photo: Jeremy Smith
Fighting bull elephant seals in blood-stained water.
Photo: Barry Balkin
Elephant seals and royal penguins on the beach at Hurd Point.
Photo: Meg McKeown
Elephant seals snuggle up against each other. They look as if they are smiling.
Photo: Chris Wilson

Fur seals

Antarctic fur seal on shore
Photo: Eric Woehler
A tagged Antarctic fur seal (Arctocephalus gazella) poses for the camera
Photo: Jeremy Smith
Antarctic bull fur seal and weaners
Photo: Ken Owen
A seal pup on a beach.
Photo: Evelyn Sandoval

Leopard seals

Leopard seal on ice floe
Photo: Narelle Campbell
Leopard Seal mouthing a survival pack
Photo: Noel Paten
Leopard seal resting on the sea ice
Photo: Greg Barras
Leopard seal at Green Gorge
Photo: Zak
Leopard seal on beach stretching
Photo: Bureau of Meteorology
Leopard Seal at the Shirley Island channel
Photo: Chris Clarke

Ross seals

Ross seal
Photo: Ian Thomas
Ross seal within Casey station vicinity
Photo: Kevin Bell
Ross seals lying on the ice
Photo: Mike Zupanc

Sea lions

An unusual sighting of a female hooker’s sea lion on Macquarie Island
Photo: Clair Holland
juvenile Hooker’s sea lion (left) and elephant seal
Photo: Jeremy Smith
Our ‘resident’ young Hooker’s sea lion is a young sea lion sitting among the vehicle tracks
Photo: Adrian Gibbs
Hooker’s sea lion asleep with elephant seals on Macquarie Island
Photo: Adrian Gibbs

Weddell seals

Weddell seal near Mawson station
Photo: Glenn Browning
Pregnant Weddell seal
Photo: Rob Cullen
Weddell seal pup
Photo: Ewan Curtis
Weddell seal pup within Mawson station vicinity
Photo: Wayne Papps
Weddell seal comes up through the sea ice to take a breath
Photo: Glenn Browning
A Weddell seal resting on the ice
Photo: Jason Blackwell
Sleepy Weddell seal
Photo: Ruth Wielinga
Weddell seal, taking a nap at the end of the West Bay skiway
Photo: Ewan Curtis
Young Weddell seal on the sea ice
Photo: Timothy New
A young Weddell on the sea ice with an adult Weddell sticks its head out of the water
Photo: Timothy New
Weddell seals gather on the ice
Photo: Ben O'L
A heavily pregnant Weddell seal on the sea ice
Photo: Paul Stringer
Weddell seal pup at Mawson
Photo: Ruth Wielinga